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Call for Papers - Translab4: Translation and Labour

Two-day symposium organized by Alexa Alfer and Cornelia Zwischenberger, held 6-7th July 2023 in London, UK


New book edited by Cornelia Zwischenberger and Alexa Alfer


Publication - On turns and fashions in translation studies and beyond

by Cornelia Zwischenberger

in Translation Studies, published online: 28 Apr 2022


Keynote speech by Cornelia Zwischenberger on May 20, 2022


Translation studies and its practice: Current and future challenges as seen from a transcultural and transdisciplinary perspective

Keynote speech by Cornelia Zwischenberger

28 January 2022 at Universidad de Granada


Investigating translation on and over the Web as transcultural communication

Call for papers: Translation on and over the Web: Disentangling its conceptual uncertainties and ethical questions