The Concept of Translation Across Disciplines and Cultures

The translation concept has been integrated into various disciplines and fields of research beyond Translation Studies, such as Cultural Studies, sociology, anthropology, history etc., to refer to a plethora of phenomena of displacement, transference, transformation, negotiation, mediation, and linking, to such an extent that we can identify a ‘translational turn’ or rather various ‘translational turns’ outside Translation Studies. However, ‘translation’ is mainly used metaphorically in these contexts, and most researchers do not consider Translation Studies’ theories and findings while using its key concept. We aim to tackle this situation from a Translation Studies perspective by analysing how scholars with different backgrounds and interests incorporate the translation concept into their research and the ensuing epistemological consequences. After having imported knowledge from many different research fields, it is now time for Translation Studies to export expertise on its master concept and start truly collaborating with other disciplines in a transdisciplinary/transcultural way.