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The research group Transcult.com focuses on the phenomena of transcultural communication, transculturality and transdisciplinarity, all of which share the same underlying principles. The prefix ‘trans-’ refers to something or someone going or being brought across. Transcultural communication, transculturality and transdisciplinarity represent the confluence of varied and diverse perspectives into an outcome that is highly hybrid and diverse in nature, generating something new that none of the individual perspectives or parts individually could have created.

The various forms of online collaborative translation are prototypical types of transcultural communication in that hundreds or even thousands of mostly voluntary translators work together online to create a translation that is highly hybrid in nature. Collaboration is certainly not new, neither in general nor in translation and interpreting, and although it certainly exists in the analogue realm, the degree of hybridity achieved in digital spaces is unmatched.

The group investigates the concept of translation from a transcultural and/or transdisciplinary perspective, reflecting the fact that the concept of translation is widely used beyond Translation Studies and has generated a multitude of perspectives. These perspectives, however, have frequently arisen without reference to Translation Studies and/or its understandings of translation.

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From left to right: Blanca Juan Gómez, Leandra Sitte, Jovana Ivanovic, Natalie Julia Basica, Andrea Bauer, Cornelia Zwischenberger, Mar Mañes-Bordes

 News and Events


New compendium edited by Cornelia Zwischenberger, Karin Reithofer, and Sylvi Rennert


Call for Papers - Translab4: Translation and Labour

Two-day symposium organized by Alexa Alfer and Cornelia Zwischenberger, held 6-7th July 2023 in London, UK


New book edited by Cornelia Zwischenberger and Alexa Alfer


Publication - On turns and fashions in translation studies and beyond

by Cornelia Zwischenberger

in Translation Studies, published online: 28 Apr 2022


Keynote speech by Cornelia Zwischenberger on May 20, 2022


Translation studies and its practice: Current and future challenges as seen from a transcultural and transdisciplinary perspective

Keynote speech by Cornelia Zwischenberger

28 January 2022 at Universidad de Granada